Eye to Eye technology

The VoxCast is a hybrid webcam which enables guaranteed eye contact with your audience during online meetings, presentations and webinars. 

  • Turn any computer screen into a teleprompter while the VoxCast’s built-in webcam captures you in superb quality HD video.

  • Deliver perfect eye contact to participants during online meetings. Works on Zoom/Teams etc.

  • Look directly at your audience while reading scripts, notes or PowerPoint slides.

  • Ideal for CEOs, managers, educators, salespeople, customer service agents and other professionals who need to achieve great audience engagement.

  • Simple to use plug-and-play USB device - works on Windows and Mac. No software required.

  • The foldable, one-piece design packs away flat for easy transportation.

  • Complete with LED light - get better engagement and always look your best!


The problem of poor eye contact during online presentations

Humans are naturally programmed for eye-to-eye contact. But when participants of a video meeting are engaging in conversation, there tends to be a lack of direct eye contact between participants due to the standard positioning of the camera on desktop and laptop devices (offset from the screen). The instinctive default behaviour is to look at the screen, where the other participants can be seen, and not into the web camera lens. This results in an undesirable ‘off camera’ eye line, where the person speaking appears to be looking down, rather than directly at the audience.

Get better engagement with your audience

With the VoxCast, you’ll always be looking directly at your audience, whether it's their face, scripts or PowerPoint slides. You’ll look confident, sincere and professional.


How it works

The (Patent Pending) VoxCast has a built-in HD web camera. Using a special mirror usually found in teleprompters, the camera is effectively positioned behind your computer screen. It's quick to set up and folds flat for easy transportation. No software is required and it works with Zoom, Teams and all other online meeting applications.

Expected launch price £299 + VAT